A Guide to Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Tired of using razors to remove unwanted hair on your body? Then it might be time to consider a permanent laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal uses an intense beam of light to remove unwanted hair. This light beam is not a laser beam, but the procedure is usually called laser hair removal. You can also read more about laser hair removal treatment through the internet.

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This is how it works. This light travels through the skin and into the individual hair follicles. The intense heat then damages hair follicles, resulting in slower growth. Light rays selectively damage darker objects and leave lighter ones untouched. Therefore, this medical procedure is best suited for people with darker hair and lighter skin.

Although laser treatment slows hair growth, it doesn't necessarily get rid of it. In most cases, patients have to undergo several treatments to prevent permanent hair growth. Yes, can not only session. Some people also have hair types that appear to be resistant to laser removal.

So why use other laser removal methods? 

Of course, shaving is a popular choice, but it should be done every day to get a smooth look. Not only that, people with sensitive skin can be prone to getting rashes. Extraction, on the other hand, can leave your hair free for a few weeks, but is quite painful. Using a hair solvent cream is another common option for hair removal at home, but it can be expensive because it requires regular procedures. Creams can also contain harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

Although most cosmetic surgeons consider laser hair removal safe and the second most common procedure, people with certain ailments after botox injections consult a board-certified doctor before undergoing laser hair removal.