Body Treatments – Rejuvenate Your Soul In Milton

Facials are wonderful, but they are nothing compared to an invigorating body treatment. Unlike facials, body treatments allow you to experience the same cleansing and exfoliating effects over your entire body, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated – it's the perfect way to unwind and recover after a long, stressful week.

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Types of Body Treatments

There are many different types of body treatments and while they can vary from place to place, there are some that can be found in most spas around the world. They include:

• Body peeling – This includes rehydrating and smoothing the skin through deep peeling with various salt mixtures. The scrub not only tightens your skin but also absorbs toxins so you feel rejuvenated with beautiful glowing skin.

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• Body Mask – This treatment usually involves two steps, detoxification, and hydration. To detoxify the skin, the body is covered with a unique mixture of algae, algae, or mud.

It not only increases the body's metabolism but also removes waste products from the skin. In the second step, the newly detoxified skin is moisturized with special creams and lotions.

• Body Wraps / Detox Wraps – This therapy was specially developed to restore the body's health by wrapping the body in a warm towel, which allows the special herbal mixture to penetrate the skin.

This treatment not only removes clogged pores but also removes toxins from the skin. For special occasions, many spa visitors look for body wraps to treat cellulite or temporary weight loss.