Choosing the Right Outbound Contact Center Solution

It is important to be aware of the many options available when evaluating outbound contact centers. Some of these are simply automated phone dialers disguised as complete solutions. Others simply contact center products.

They handle voice calls and pretend to be multichannel contact centers that can handle voice, email, and social media. It is important to look beyond the labels and find out the capabilities of the solution and whether it meets your requirements.

It is important to evaluate the product, and technology background before you make a decision on the best outbound contact centre solution. You can also choose contact centre services online through

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These are just a few of the details to be aware of:

1. Unified Customer Experience: Does it provide a single experience for customers? Can you match a caller to their past history with the database if they make an outbound call? Can you create reports as a contact center manager that provide a single view of all customer interactions across all channels?

2. Native Multichannel: While you might be focusing on inside sales or outbound prospecting, it is reasonable to assume that prospects will choose to communicate with you via the channels they prefer. Outbound calls can generate return calls or emails. Is the solution able to support other engagement channels? Or does it send you to a partner for any beyond voice?

3. Scalability: Scalability goes beyond the number of agents that the solution supports. How can it scale in your company? It will integrate with third-party big data products or back-office systems.

4. Availability: Is the vendor able to give you reliable and high-quality availability numbers? What are the failover/redundancy mechanisms built into the product and vendor’s operational processes?