Follow These Tips For Boat Lift Maintenance

Just like vehicles, boats are huge investments that cost thousands of dollars. But unlike cars, boats are mostly underwater, so they are propelled by waves and waves and can be damaged by the corrosive mineral salts in the water. Boat lifts are useful here.

With the maintenance tips below, you can definitely get the most out of your boat lift, spend more time in the water and save money. However, if you are busy and want to leave the boat lift upkeep to someone who knows about boat lifts, you should go to a professional for this service.

1. Pay attention to the Warning about Weight

Boat lifts must conform to the specifications. This means that you can't add more weight to your boat lift as it could cause severe damage.

Each boat lift is designed for a specific type of hull and rated to carry a certain weight. Adding another boat to a boat lift that is not specifically designed for it can cause damage.

2. Always remove cables and cradles from the water.

Boat lifts are made of materials that resist corrosion. However, it is important to not leave cables in the water for too long. You can protect your cables from corrosion, saltwater, barnacle growth, and electrolysis, especially when you're not there.

You can, for example, raise your boat cradle when it is not in use and lower it when you return.

3. Rinse the Cables and Cradle Assembly

A heavy-duty cable is essential to lift your boat into the water. Before you begin to lift your boat out of the water, rinse it thoroughly. This helps to prevent corrosion and abrasion that could lead to breakage.