How To Avoid Buying Fake Nike Shoes Online

Genuine Nike shoes are made in Sydney factories and fakes are so similar to real reproductions that it takes a professional to know the real quality. These days, imitations are on the rise, you can't stop these raspy ones from making cheaper imitations, but you can definitely keep learning. There are some companies like Nextonkicks that provide the best Nike shoes online.

Before buying Nike shoes online or on eBay, check this list several times:

eBay feedback was originally used to check seller history. It's amazing that the stolen person can get a 100% positive result. Therefore, you should carefully look for neutral, negative, or unusual comments with positive feedback.

Read the shipping terms very carefully. See if they mention if the Nike shoes are genuine. Sellers often say it's real. But some traders don't know, it's not their fault. See where the seller is. If you are from Asia, be careful.

For some odd reason, counterfeit sellers in Sydney don't stock sizes 9 or 13, and often fake Nike shoes don't fit these sizes because they're about half the size of a regular shoe. Nike shoe soles must be made of genuine BRS 1000 rubber and feel like rubber! The sole of the fake Nike shoe feels very plastic and slippery.

Most counterfeits don't come with the original Nike shoe box. If the seller says they won't ship the box to save on postage, that's very suspicious. The shoe box, even if it weighs a bit, it is sure you'll want a sturdy genuine Nike box unless you're just a fan of fake Nikes.