Invisible Braces: Comparison Between Invisalign Compare and Normal Braces

Invisalign has become synonymous with braces, teeth alignment and has attracted a lot of interest from people. Invisalign braces are either clear or invisible and can be purchased through Invisalign-approved dentists across the country. Invisalign is a name that many people have heard of.

However, The best orthodontic specialists guide is the best if anyone who is interested in teeth alignment will be intrigued by the idea of invisible braces. How can you align teeth effectively if braces are invisible?

Can I Use Invisalign Aligners in Place of a Mouthguard

While the idea is attractive to have your teeth straightened and cleaned, it is not as appealing as the idea of wearing metal or wire braces. Any solution that removes highly visible braces is good, but surely there must be some payoff. Are invisible braces just as effective as regular braces?

Are they as successful? Are they more difficult to align the teeth? Do they cause any side effects, problems, or delays that could make it less likely that Invisalign clear braces are the right choice for you? These are the questions we will try to answer in this article.

Are Invisible Braces as Effective As Traditional Braces

This is a very important question. The answer might surprise you. Clear braces are almost always better than traditional braces. Clear braces align teeth by gently nudging the teeth into the desired position using computer technology, virtual reality, and 3D modeling.

Braces are usually fitted and adjusted using professional intuition and guesswork. This means that results may not be as accurate as expected.

Are Invisalign Braces Any More Durable Than Standard Braces?

The process of aligning teeth takes about 2 to 3 years with traditional, metal, or wire braces. It is a lengthy process, and many people choose to not have the treatment. Any alternative would have to be more efficient in terms of the time taken. Invisible braces definitely deliver.