Looking For A Work Visa for Canada

The person must apply for visas to enter the United States and work there. Each category is different depending on what he needs and how long he plans to stay. To be eligible for this temporary visa, the applicant must first prove that he has a legitimate reason to travel to the United States. You can also find a student visa attorney through various online sources.

The applicant must submit a copy of the work contract detailing all terms and conditions of employment to be eligible for this visa category. The contract must include information about the duration of your contract, where you will be staying in the United States, as well as how much you would be paid while working in the US.

Visa Exemption and Bilateral Agreement

The second thing you must prove after submitting your work contract is that you are only planning to stay in the United States temporarily and do not intend to permanently. You must also provide the port authority with proof that you have family or permanent employment in your home country. This is necessary when applying for this visa category. 

To obtain a temporary visa to the USA, you must submit all these documents. You can't compare the employment opportunities and better quality of life offered by the US, from student visas to multiple work visas.

Employers who want to hire contractors from another country to work on a project for a short time can initiate the visa process on behalf of the worker. In this instance, the employer must file an I-129 petition. This is a form that seeks permission to hire an individual from another country. There are many types of temporary work visas available. They are distinguished based on their validity for a specific time.

E-1 visas are valid for two years. You can request an extension of your E-1 visa at any time. E-2 category can also be extended for two years, but there are limitations to how many times you can do so. The H1 visa category is valid for 6 months to 3 years and can be extended to a maximum of six years. 

For those who plan to travel to the US to work, there are several other types of visas available. Talk to an immigration lawyer if you have any questions about which visa is best suited for your needs. Many lawyers who deal with immigration and visa issues are extremely knowledgeable and can help you complete the forms and applications with ease.