Realistic 3D Exterior Rendering

The most prestigious compliment for a 3D artist comes when a viewer is looking at the work and realizes that it's not a computer-generated image, but rather a photo by a real person.

Although some seek a fantastical and whimsical appearance when rendering 3D photos the ability to create photo-realistic images is thought of as the "holy grail" of rendering. You can find the best 3d exterior rendering services online.

3d exterior rendering

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If you're looking to create "killer" three-dimensional interior as well as 3D exterior images check out these ways to create an authentic look for them.

Change your lighting: Every artist is aware that lighting is essential to any 3D rendering. Explore the possibilities and play around with lighting to depict different seasons in the daylight. You will surely get the picture to appear more realistic.

Create reflections: Study every object in your scene and determine the ones that would reflect on their surfaces. A few examples include water bodies, shiny floors, and the metal surface of a car. Making reflections of these can make your drawing appear more real.

Cast shadows: Shadows give an extra dimension to your scene. They are a must to achieve a natural appearance. Make adjustments to the lighting so that you get the perfect balance of shadow and light within your shot.

If you are making it too sunny in the case of a 3D exterior shot or adding too many lighting sources in the 3D interior shot decreases the shadows in the shot which means that the final photo appears flat.