Steel Post Sizes You Need To Know

If you have been looking for steel post sizes, then you have come to one of the most difficult websites in existence. But with this article, we will be able to find steel posts and save ourselves from the confusion of trying to find them in an unfamiliar place.

Size of different post shapes

Different post shapes require different steel sizes. The following is a table of the most common post shapes and their corresponding steel size requirement. 

Post Shape Steel Size 

A-Frame 2 x 4 inch 

B-Frame 2 x 6 inch 

C-Frame 2 x 8 inch 

D-Frame 2 x 10 inch

What is the most common post size?

Steel posts are common in a variety of applications, from decks to buildings. However, not all steel post sizes are available in all applications. To ensure compatibility and proper installation, it is important to know the most common steel post sizes.

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My Recommended Steel Post Sizes

When selecting steel posts, the two most important factors are the weight of the load and the height of the post. The weight of the load will determine how much pressure your post can withstand, while the height of the post will determine how far down it can be placed before it starts to sag.


Steel posts are essential when building a sturdy foundation for your home or office. However, not all steel posts are created equal, and knowing the different sizes can help you choose the right one for your project.  you will be able to select the perfect post for your needs!