How to Protect Aluminium Boats from Corrosion?

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Aluminium boats are a famous option for boat lovers. They are not just economical and simple to maintain, but they have a huge strength to weight ratio. They move at rapid speed for the power amount they need.

Still, there are some limitations in aluminium boats such as they get corroded in saltwater. Here, we will talk about how to protect your aluminium boats from this.

How do boats get corroded?

Due to galvanic corrosion, your boat corrodes in water. In this type of corrosion, 1 metal corrodes at a higher degree. If it gets in contact with a distinct metal type, both are absorbed in water that serves as the electrolyte. While more active metals corrode faster, less active ones corrode slower.

Use anti-fouling paint

Aluminium will corrode slower significantly if it’s not in contact with less, or another active, metal. Painting your aluminium boat from the bottom is the best solution in this regard.

Why anti-fouling paint?

It will stop marine bio and barnacles from growing on the hull of your boat. It is simpler to clean and maintain as well and reduces fuel consumption. This paint solution does not contain copper as it rapidly reacts with aluminium and thus causes corrosion. This is the reason to use antifouling paints which are particularly designed for vessels made of aluminium. However, before using antifouling paint, you should coat the boat’s hull with a watertight epoxy layer that is below the vessel waterline.

For the best advice and long-lasting boats, you can get in touch with professional aluminium boat builders in Brisbane.