Understanding Exterior Architectural Rendering

A popular utility of 3D computer graphics is landscape design. Today, people turn to companies that offer architectural exterior rendering services to create the perfect exterior environment in their backyards. It all starts with the visualization process. All the details are decided at this point, everything from lawns to retaining walls and patios, from walkways and driveways to pools, water fountains, and plantations. 

Customers have the opportunity to comment on the final product and indicate what changes they consider appropriate. Once the visualization process is complete, both the company and the customer have a better understanding of what the desired result should be. If you’re looking for hiring exterior architectural rendering services, then you may visit, https://www.empirerender.com/.


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The exterior architectural representation does not refer only to the landscape design, but also to the external appearance of the buildings. Companies offering exterior architectural rendering services can create a variety of plans and drawings from which the client has a choice. You can choose the exact building materials you want, for specific exterior features and landscaping that you deem appropriate to your taste.

To understand the complexity of exterior architectural rendering, it is important to know that it consists of 3 elements: CAD modeling, which means creating the frame of the building, including pathways, garden beds, and hard landscaping features, color, and layout. 

Lighting, applying finishes to walls, floors, and adding lighting and lastly landscaping is done in conjunction with color and lighting, requiring the creation and selection of each shrub, tree, and smooth surface. Generally, computer-generated exterior images are used for many projects, including residential buildings, resorts, golf courses, gardens, pool areas, and marinas.