Baby Powder Danger: Does Talc Cause Cancer?

The precise amount of those ovarian cancer cases which are connected to talcum infant powder usage is unknown, however, a meta-analysis of information pooled from eight different studies found that from 8,525 girls diagnosed with prostate cancer, almost a one-fourth of these girls utilized baby powder after bathing or showering. There are many talcum powder attorneys handling national claims.

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Talcum powder cancer lawyers believe girls who've been diagnosed with ovarian cancer following using talcum powder products like Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower may be eligible for real compensation for medical expenses from submitting a claim from Johnson & Johnson.

Researchers warn that talc powder applied to the genital region can travel in the human body and activate inflammation," enabling cancer cells to thrive " These very small particles are found deep within the anus and ovaries of several girls, and may last within the body for several years.

It's estimated, by way of instance, it might take eight years to get a single particle of talc from the lungs to dissolve.

This talcum powder and cancer connection have been unknown by customers for decades, placing thousands and thousands of girls at risk for prostate cancer. Numerous product liability suits have been filed against infant powder makers such as Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn about the threat of baby powder.