Choosing Your Double Bunk Bed

Double bunk beds are great for children of different ages and for multiple children who occupy one bed. However, when your kids grow up to teenagers, you'll be faced with the problem of accommodating more than one kid. When you add them all up, even a normal-sized bed may not be the solution anymore because they need a big space.

Aside, they're way too expensive. So, what else can you do? In that case, purchasing double bunk beds with extra stairs is often the ideal solution.

The most common type of bunk bed is the standard double bunk beds, which are made of two twin mattresses placed one above the other and with a built-in ladder. The ladder serves the purpose of a footrest so you can pull it up as well as down. The built-in footrest also comes with an end piece that offers you some height improvement at night. If you have high ceilings, then you can also opt for the carriage house bunks. These types of beds offer you more storage space but unfortunately, no floor space for sleeping.

Another popular option for double bunk beds is the carriage house ladder. It's basically like the typical one you see in apartment buildings. The only difference is that this type comes with an additional piece, which is a ladder, for you to reach the top bunk bed. This ladder piece is usually made of metal and is attached to the frame on four corners. The ladder is placed parallel to the ceiling and is attached via a set of hooks. It's very much like the typical hand held ladder.

There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing double bunk beds that have stairs. First of all, you should make sure that the stairs are at least two inches tall. The reason why this is important is because if they're not at least two inches tall, you'll have a hard time getting them up and down. Another important thing to consider is how far the stairs will extend from the floor. The rule of thumb is that if the stairs are more than six feet away from the nearest floor, you need to make sure that you have enough floor space in order to walk up and down them.

Of course, if you don't want to go with any of the aforementioned options, then there are plenty of other ways to save space when designing your double bunk beds. One option is to use the built-in pulleys to lower the bed into place. Just be sure to keep in mind how much weight you'll be carrying out of the bottom of the bed. If the bed is going to be a little bit on the heavy side, then you'll definitely want to avoid using the built-in pulleys. One other option that you can use is to purchase a footboard.

A footboard is an excellent way to save space when buying double bunk beds, but just be sure to choose the right one for the room that you're putting it in. If you have a small bedroom, then a footboard might not be your best option because it will just take up space that you don't need. On the other hand, if you have a large bedroom and need to create space for another bed in the room, then a footboard could be your best option. No matter what type of room you have, you can find a perfect bunk bed that will meet your needs.

As mentioned before, another factor to keep in mind is to make sure that your double bunk bed is about six feet from the ground. This rule will help you make sure that there's enough room for you to get in and out of bed easily. Also, make sure that the ceiling height is at least five feet above the floor. This will ensure that there will be no risk of your toddler falling through the ceiling, or worse, from getting stuck in between the ceiling and the bed itself. When you set these aside and look at the various options that are available to you, then you'll be able to choose the perfect bed for your children.