The Types Of Antique Dining Tables

There are a few different types of antique dining tables that you can find. Wooden antique dining tables are one type that can be quite popular. This type of table is usually made from wood that is older than 100 years old. This means that the wood has a lot of character and is likely to have been treated in a way that makes it resistant to decay and weathering. 

Another type of antique dining table that is often preferred by collectors is made from marble or granite. These types of tables are often more expensive, but they also tend to last longer than wooden tables. Marble and granite are both very durable materials, which means they will not easily show wear or tear. 

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Finally, there are also metal antique dining tables. These tables are typically more expensive than the other types, but they can still be quite affordable if you find the right model. Metal antique dining tables are typically strong and durable, which means they will not easily show wear or tear.

What are the Styles of Wooden Antique Dining Tables?

There are many styles of wooden antique dining tables. Some popular styles include French Provincial, English Country, and Arts & Crafts. Each style has its own characteristics that can make a table stand out from the rest.

French Provincial tables are typically large and square with a high base. They often have intricate carvings and are made from sturdy wood. This style is perfect for formal settings or restaurants that want to show off their wealth.

English Country tables are smaller and more rustic than French Provincial tables. They are typically low to the ground and have a simple design. These tables are popular in cottage-style homes or restaurants that want a more casual atmosphere.

Arts & Crafts furniture is unique because it combines traditional techniques with modern design elements. This style is popular for both residential and commercial settings. Tables in this style are often intricate and have a natural look to them.