How To Handle Your Vape Device Properly?

Do not allow your e-juice to run low. Clearomizers with bottom dual coils may have trouble obtaining enough e-liquid if the liquid is too low in the holes. Dry burn could result. You could end up with a foul taste and even burn your atomizer. Keep your e-juice topped up regularly to ensure it does not get too low. Don't overfill your tube, as this will cause clearomizer to flood.

Keep your battery terminal clean. To keep your e-juice terminal clean, you should use a cotton bud. It will be more beneficial to clean the clearomizer's end in the same way. This can make the battery more efficient and it can prove to be very beneficial. If you want to know more about vaping devices and e-liquids, then you can visit Vapeur Express.


It should be stored correctly. You can control the airflow through the holes to keep the coil at the right temperature. It is also important that the wick does not become soaked in e-liquid. If you place it upside down or on its side, the e-liquid could travel to these areas and eventually leak.

Clearomizers can be damaged if they are not screwed in tightly. It is recommended that you secure the clearomizer by using your hands.

It is important to only purchase trusted brand e-liquids that have the recommended PG/VG ratio. This ensures that you are not exposed to harmful toxins and carcinogens like arsenic, chromium, and lead.