Root Canal – When Is It Necessary?

When considering the treatment of root canal (endodontic), it is important to have all the information needed to make educated decisions. The root canal therapy consists of a neural network (pulp) that is infected or damaged and the blood vessels located on the internal surface of the teeth. This is done in an effort to save teeth, eliminate pain associated with infection, and prevent further bone porous in the area of infected dental. 

When the root canal treatment is done, the canals in the teeth are disinfected and formed with small instruments. After cleaning and forming, teeth are sealed in an effort to prevent further infection and also bring teeth back on the path to health.

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After the root canal treatment is complete, the charging type (Build-Up) is placed on the top of the teeth to help restore the teeth structure. In conjunction with filling, it is also recommended that the crown (close) is placed to protect and restore the teeth to the form and full function.

It is also important to understand what signs shown root canal therapy is needed. Indications that you may need root canals including spontaneous pain, high and prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold tissue swelling, gums and drainage in infected dental areas, and tenderness to chew or press in the area of the dental.