Different Types Of Hi-Vis Jackets

There are a few different types of hi-vis jackets that you can buy in order to stay safe while working or playing outdoors. The most common type is the polyester jacket with a bright, fluorescent yellow or orange coloring. These jackets are effective at helping drivers and pedestrians see you in low light conditions, but they are not as effective as some other types of jackets when it comes to protecting you from wind and rain. 

The next type of hi-vis jacket is the fleece jacket. This jacket is made out of soft, high-quality wool and is ideal for colder weather conditions. It has a snug fit so that it will keep your body warm, but it is not as bright as the polyester jacket and does not tend to be as effective in low-light situations. You can check out here if you want to buy hi-vis jackets.

The third type of hi-vis jacket is the hardshell jacket. This jacket is made out of heavy-duty plastic and is designed to protect you from wind, rain, and snow. It also has a solid construction so that it will not tear easily in high-impact accidents. 


Hi-Vis jackets are a great way to keep yourself safe on the road and protect your clothing from rain or snow. However, not all hi-vis jackets are created equal, and it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. In this article, we have comprehensively reviewed the different types of hi-vis jackets available on the market and outlined our top tips for buying the perfect one for your needs.