Understanding Your Home Inspection Report

After sifting through real estate news, studies on loans and neighborhoods, participating in open houses, and even digging into online home hunting – most home buyers think they are real estate experts. While easiest for home hunters, actually seeing the house reveals how little most people know about the nuts and bolts of what is probably the biggest purchase they'll ever make.

So you make the right decision and schedule a home inspection. You also attend the inspection and ask what you think are all the right questions – then get the report and see that it reads with a completely different language and what you were speaking at the time of the inspection. You can choose the best home inspection service in San Antonio, TX at Davidinspector.com..

Here are some pointers to help you translate the report into something you can use.

1. Even the best home inspectors are upfront, objective, and "just the facts" is their byline. They are not dangerous and they do not try to downplay the importance of things. Sometimes that straightforwardness can make it confusing and difficult for you, the buyer, to know what's a big deal and what isn't – should you go ahead with the purchase, what to plan next; Have to talk again, or follow the path.

2. Many times I am asked upon inspection by home buyers with me, "Who should I meet to get this fixed?" I wouldn't recommend any because it's an uncomfortable conflict of interest to me, but instead, I suggest asking your local real estate agents as they know the area, who's reputable and who isn't.

The other answer can be as simple as, "You don't need to hire someone, go to the hardware store and choose _____, here it goes. I'm not sure how much it will cost, but it probably won't work." Not much." Either way, go ahead and ask your inspector – you'll probably find that most of the items in the home inspection report will probably be DIY items or maintenance issues.