Cadbury Oreo Hot Chocolate Around The World

Hot chocolate also referred to as cocoa, drinking chocolate, or merely cocoa is a heated drink which typically is composed of shaved chocolate or cocoa powder, heated water or milk, and sugar. Although it's ordinarily considered as a beverage consumed for enjoyment, recent studies have indicated that it possesses health advantages because of antioxidants which may be seen in cocoa. 

Until the 19th century, it was used medicinally to treat disorders like stomach ailments. The very first chocolate drink is thought to have been produced by the Mayan individuals around 2000 decades back. You can know more about hot chocolate by going to the ‘contact us’ column present on the supplier’s website.

Now this savory chocolate beverage is absorbed around the entire world and comes in numerous variants such as the exact thick cioccolata densa served in Italy, along with the thinner cocoa that's normally consumed in the USA. Americans have begun to use the terms "hot chocolate" and "hot cocoa" interchangeably, obscuring the substantial gap between both. 

"Hot cocoa" consists of powder produced by extracting the majority of the abundant cocoa butter in the ground cacao beans.  On the flip side, the chocolate version of the beverage is created directly from pub chocolate, which contains sugar, cocoa and cocoa butter. 

Thus the significant difference between both is that the cocoa butter, making hot cocoa considerably lower in fat compared to the chocolate variant, while still maintaining all of the inherent health-giving attributes of chocolate. Again, when comparing the cocoa and chocolate variations, the chocolate version of the beverage is made out of dark, semisweet, or bittersweet chocolate, and chopped into little pieces and chucked into milk with the inclusion of sugar.