A Quick Overview About Security Bollards

Increasing concerns about safety and security today raises the need for Security Bollard. They become easy sources of anti-lump defenses anytime and anywhere. More than their security functions, they are also known today to beautify the landscape, set boundaries of the property or visible areas, and control people and vehicles.

What Is Bollard?

But what is Bollard? Bollard is a vertical post made of different materials such as cement, iron, steel, plastic, or wood. Bollard early was mainly used to tether big ships on the dock. The same function remains until this date. You can create an easy garden design with bollard from LIGMAN to provide ambient environmental lighting and efficient garden area illumination.


At present, Bollard appears more than that. They came as a variety of buildings located on the streets, around the building, and is a leading landscape. They are also employed outside supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, offices, shops, and stadiums.

The most common type of Bollard is permanent. However, the decorative bollard might be removed. While the remains are usually made of cement and cast iron or steel, which can be removed can be made of a lightweight material such as plastic. Repaired and removed, on the other hand, cross-shaped cross-section features. They also appear in a layer of metal coat, painted and powder.

Security and Security – Its Main Use

Return to use Bollard for safety and security, applications about traffic and control are also in line with that. Some applications for traffic guidance may only require workers and pedestrian cooperation to interpret the existence of Bollard in certain places. For example, a row of Bollard which is linked by the chain presents visual cues not to cross the recommended limit.