Techniques For Creating Impressive Abstract Photography Images

It is much easier to create beautiful images when you are familiar with some basic photographic techniques. This is especially true when abstract photography is concerned. This article will cover a few techniques that are very effective in creating abstrakte bilder(also known as “abstract images” in the English language).

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These techniques include selective focus, light and shade, curves, and texture. You can use each of these techniques with many types of subject matter. It is important to practice these techniques with all kinds of objects. You'll improve your skills the more you practice.

The Power of the Selective Focus Technique

Selective focus is a simple but powerful technique that can be used to create abstract photographs. A large aperture is used to achieve a narrow depth of field. The focal point of the camera is the object of interest. The rest of the objects will disappear into soft blur.

The Power of Curves

Curves can be used with great effect in abstract photography. The dominant characteristic of the subject matter must have curves in order for this technique to work.

Use of Texture

The use of texture is a technique that is very similar in appearance to the use of curves. Texture and curves can often be combined. If you want to make an abstract image stand out, the texture should reflect the primary subject.


These abstract photography techniques are a great foundation for creating abstract images.