A Guide to Wall Lighting Fixtures

After a hard day of work, you came home tired. You were greeted with a warm, romantic atmosphere and the scent of vanilla when you opened the door. Intriguing, you moved into the living room, where you found a card. It said Happy Anniversary! It's from your partner.

Lighting can have a profound effect on any situation. There are many lighting fixtures available that can help you create the mood you desire. Bedchamber surface lights are essential for setting the mood and setting the atmosphere in a room. Wall lighting fixtures that are most commonly used include sconces, swivel arms, wall cans, and make-up lamps.

Sconces are wall fixtures that were inspired by lighting fixtures that used to hold candles or torches in the days of palaces and castles. Sconces can be found in both contemporary and traditional designs. Some designs require lampshades, while others shine in every direction. Others cast light up and down. 

Task lamps are swivel-arm wall fixtures. These lamps are often the ones with extended arms that swing in any direction. They provide illumination for specific activities such as reading, sitting down, working at a computer, or playing cards at a game table.

Incandescent bulbs are used to lighten a mirror. Avoid using a directional light that casts shadows on a mirror, vanity, or make-up table. Ceiling light with strong downlight shine is often used to create directional light. A make-up mirror creates a wide shadowless light. When renovating your home, make sure to include wall fixtures that provide ambient lighting and mood lighting.