All about New Car Registrations

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency introduced a new number plate registration system. It was intended to last for 49 year. This new system was well received by car dealers and the insurance industry. The DVLA decided to issue new car registrations twice a calendar year, instead of one per year.

In the past, new registrations were issued every year on the 1st of August. This caused major problems for insurance companies because so many people needed insurance at that time. 

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The once-a-year insurance rush was made worse by the summer when most people go on vacation, which is also the time insurance companies employees are usually on holiday. The new registrations are now issued in March or September. This reduces the insurance company's workload and allows them to increase their staffing for increased calls.

The old system was in place for 38 years. There is still a large number of people who need to renew their insurance on the 1st of August. In general, insurance companies are very busy in July, August, and September. You can expect long waits at the call centre with many direct companies.

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