Know In Detail About Barcelona Chair

The much-acclaimed Barcelona chair was the consequence of the participation of Mies and Lilly Reich. The designers were inspired by early folding camping chairs. The imperial design put in a contemporary setting gave immediate commendation to the designers.

The Barcelona chair has been a brand new and contemporary design. The designers used the space to change a practical piece of furniture to some piece de resistance. Nowadays, you may also find a premium Barcelona chair replica along with the original one.

Arne Jacobson Style Egg Chair - Leather

The original chair was created from steel that was chrome plated. The frames were bolted together. Leather straps have been used to hang up the cushions covered with ivory-colored pig hide. In 1950 the seat was redesigned with stainless steel.

Knoll retains the sole right to fabricate original chairs. The originals take the touch of the maestro and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The Barcelona chair doesn’t come easy on the pocket, so it’s but natural that Barcelona seat imitations can be found all over. The fascination with this piece hasn't waned in many years.

The majority of the inexpensive imitation seats are of bad quality and don't last long. Also available are a couple of manufacturers that make Barcelona chair reproductions which are as great if not better than the original designs.