Suggestions On Buying Electric Wires

If you're planning to get some wiring done at home, you'll need top-quality electrical wires. Therefore, you must select a good product. This is crucial from a safety standpoint.

Additionally, high-quality wires can save you money on your electricity bill later on. If you're in search of purchasing 16 gauge electrical wire then visit

Electrical Wiring Color Codes

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You will find numerous sellers online for this kind of item. It can therefore be a little difficult for you to select the most suitable seller. To make the process easier, we've provided the features you should consider when choosing the wires you wish to purchase.

Typically, two kinds of materials are employed to create electric wires: aluminum and copper. If you require wires for your home wiring, we recommend you go with copper of the highest quality. 

Typically, high-quality electrical wires are made with 3 layers of insulation. The first layer protects from water. The second layer protects from heat. The third layer protects against fire. Most fire and heat-resistant products are marked with a certification of quality called HRFR..

Because there exist three distinct phases you must select three shades for the wires. The most common color is black. It is a neutral wire. Green is typically used for the earth wire. However, keep in mind that the color of the earth and neutral wires can vary depending on the country you reside in.