The Importance of Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Sometimes environmental issues can become extremely complex. Many lawyers recommend that clients conduct a phase 1 environmental site assessment prior to examining for environmental issues, just as commercial real estate inspectors do.

Stage 1 environmental experts will inspect the site to identify environmental problems. Environmental experts conduct a phase one environmental assessment. They review topographic maps, geologic maps, Sanborn maps, and country maps. 

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This is done to determine if there are any dangerous areas nearby, as well as soil and groundwater conditions. The assessment will determine if the property is susceptible to environmental problems.

A report is given to environmental experts after the phase I environmental assessment. Buyers can either withdraw from the purchase or request a phase 2 environmental assessment if there are any concerns. A phase II environmental assessment involves the collection of soil and groundwater samples to determine if environmental contaminants are below regulatory or extreme levels.

Besides getting phase 1 environmental site assessment, check for some dark staining on homes and buildings that appear to cut off at the same place. Dry and cracked soils are usually a sign of soil that has experienced a lot of dry and wet cycles..You can even search online for more information about the phase 1 environment.