FDA Approved Diet Pills – Are They Safer Than an All Natural Supplement?

What Does It Mean When the FDA Approves Diet Pills? Does that mean it's safe?

It gets a little confusing to me when I see a commercial on TV for a prescription drug with a disclaimer and warnings for heart attack, stroke, and blood clots at the bottom of all other information about their product.

You can check out FDA approved drug list via https://wizmed.com/tentatively-approved-drugs.

The only difference to me between products like ephedra and FDA-approved diet pills is that the FDA personally warns you about possible side effects. However, FDA-approved diet pills remain on the market and unapproved diet pills are banned.

If indeed the reason unapproved diet pills were never approved is that money was not spent on research. The reason the money is not used for research is because the potential profits for the drug company do not exist.

You will NEVER see FDA natural diet pills because natural ingredients cannot be patented. Pharmaceutical companies don't spend money on research unless they can get an exclusive patent. If not, other companies can come and make products of the same substance and become competitors.

An obvious example of this is hoodia. Hoodia has never been approved by the FDA simply because it has never been tested on this scale.