Beginner’s Guide For Wearing Eyeshadow

There are many different brands and types of makeup and most women know the basics of applying them. However, eye shadows can be difficult to set for a number of reasons. Read on for some great tips on how to apply eyeshadow properly.

If you have light blue eyes, choosing a darker eyeshadow color will darken your natural eye color. You should not choose high-contrast colors. Instead, you should choose a color that suits your eyes, such as light blue for blue eyes, dark tones for black eyes, and so on.

You also need to consider your skin tone. If your skin is a darker tone then lighter colors will really distract you, while darker colors will only blend in and create a more confusing look. If you struggle with choosing the best color for your eyes, you can search online products such as 9021-GLOW eye & cheek palette, etc.

Eyeshadow Palette

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Many women just want to match their shadows with what they are wearing. When wearing a green dress, the first thing you might think of is green eyeshadow as a compliment. But in the end, you can create contrasts that just make you look like a cartoon character. Don't focus on matching makeup with clothes. This is just a loss.

The light, dim applicator just smudges the eyeshadow and makes it look like it was painted on instead of looking natural. The same applies if you use a dirty applicator. Also, if you use a dirty applicator, you can mix colors. If you used green the day before and now use blue, you'll end up smearing brown stains on your face.

So, by keeping in mind these useful tips while wearing eye makeup you can achieve a more natural look.