All You Need To Know About Commissary Kitchens

A commissary is a commercial shared kitchen that can be leased on an hourly or permanent basis to store, prepare and cook food. 

The commissary kitchen is a fully licensed commercial kitchen that meets all relevant food safety standards and is regulated and controlled by the local health department. You can also grow your food business by renting a commissary kitchen in Austin.

The Commissary kitchen allows food businesses to use the collaborative space in a variety of ways, from access to shared equipment to the benefits of economies of scale and cost-sharing.

Commissary kitchens are often located outside the city's central business district because they do not have to serve the public directly. This usually makes them more affordable to rent and gives suppliers easier access to inventory.

Who uses the commissary kitchen?

Renting a space in a commercial kitchen can be ideal if you run a food truck, pop-up restaurant, or catering business – or if you run several restaurants and can use the prep kitchen as a production hub.

There is a growing trend towards delivery restaurants, many of which use commissaries like ghost kitchens. These restaurants have no storefronts and instead use delivery options to sell food directly to consumers.

Seasonal food companies also profit from the flexibility of commissary kitchens. Food truck workers or food suppliers operating primarily on a seasonal basis may not want to or be able to afford kitchens year-round.