Know More About Soil Remediation

Soil remediation is part of a broader process called environmental remediation. It is the collective term used for different techniques used to purify and revitalize the soil. Problems are generally caused by contaminants which are substances either currently causing undesirable effects or will possibly cause an undesirable effect in the future. You can also look for soil remediation planning and monitoring via Andersen Integrated Services.

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The main aim of remediation efforts is the reduction of these contaminant concentrations within the soil to lower levels so that land areas will be more suitable for use without the environmental risks.

There are a lot of various methods that can be applied in dealing with soil contamination, and some more effective than others. In selecting the most effective method, it is important to know the following: its impact on other surrounding living things in the vicinity, the nature of soil contamination, and how successful the activity is projected to be.

Soil remediation is sometimes done by eliminating contaminated groundwater then purifying the extracted liquid. This process is known as pump and treat. The soil is also extracted and contaminants are removed by filtering, and then returned to its original location.

Excavation and dredging may be considered among the most common processes used in topsoil remediation. This process involves setting aside a landfill for contaminated soil which is extracted using current technology. The contaminated soil is transported to the landfill and purified soil is often used to replace the area where the contaminated soil was extracted.