The Future For Timber in Landscape Design

The use of timber in construction, particularly of those trees we have fond memories of, is poorly understood. You can use imported Cedar grown abroad or in places the option of using a timber like oak. 

Heyden Frame & Truss understand the importance of tropical hardwoods and do not understand the importance of necessarily sustainable forestry. There is also a value of trees beyond the timber either as a landscape, for leisure, or the support of the fauna and flora. 

History shows that the importance of trees to humanity has often been as a building material. The perfect physical expression of our intimate connection with the world in which we live at a time when the world seems to come more virtual. 

It seemed that the timber has been used by the architecture but not in use in the landscape. Many of the gardeners use a lot of timber in the garden which is always required because of its unique ability and constant supply to blend into the landscape. 

Garden buildings, treatment boundaries such as trellises and hedges, fences, tools, and any timber furniture in their production, to cover all aspects would be monumental, but new timber trends are transforming its use and new ideas that are worthy of our attention.