Easy Homemade Funfetti Cake

When you've got a party coming up, this funfetti cake recipe is for you. It is the best funfetti cake always, and you may learn how to make it from scratch. There is nothing complicated about the ingredients or preparation for today's recipe.

You may need all-purpose flour, brown sugar, leavening agents (baking powder & soda), salt, white sugar, 1 stick of melted butter, vanilla yogurt, vanilla extract, and milk. There are many sites such as https://cakeshowcaselab.com/funfetti-cake/ that provides the best funfetti cake recipe.

Each moist bite of the childhood favorite cake is packed with sprinkles. The sprinkles really stick out from the baked cake — colorful and bright. I plan to create this funfetti cake using our upcoming wedding colors — pinks, golds, and oranges.

The taste and texture? Moist, tender, soft, buttery, with a deep vanilla taste. Far deeper than that which you get from most funfetti cake mixes. Yes, that recipe places ALL box combinations to shame. Don't you only want to dip in?

Making funfetti cake from scratch is so simple truly, you should not be intimidated in any way. It's actually simpler than cupcakes, no more dipping into individual muffin tins. Just pour and inhale and bake and eat. You're going to love this homemade cake.