Internet Marketing For Artists – Video Sales Letters

You know those old-style, very long sales letters that you always see on webpages? The ones that are always trying to sell you something you don't really need? Well, those old sales letter formats are going the way of the dinosaur and you want to be better than that. After all, your artwork is a visual medium and needs to advertise in a visual way.

Video sales letter is a new way to create excitement for the products and services you are trying to sell on the web. For most artists, you are trying to sell artwork of some type, be it watercolours, jewelry, sculpture or photographs. All these types of art come across far better in the video medium than just pictures or words alone. 

Even better is the visitor getting to meet the artist on the video as well. You can talk about your art, show how you make it and hold it up in different angles and lighting sources to show the best sides of the piece… just as if your customer was really there with you!

 People with short attention spans love web video more than ever. And with YouTube growing everyday people expect to see videos almost everywhere they go on the web. If you are going to be selling artwork, training, consultations, books or videos, forget the long written out sales letters of the past. Switch over to online video and awaken people to the excitement of your art.