The Common Causes of Clogged Drains

We use our sinks regularly to wash dishes, kitchen utensils, clean vegetables and other cooking ingredients and much more. Also, the tub is usually used for bathing to maintain cleanliness while the toilet takes care of proper waste disposal. 

We felt very uncomfortable after our channel was blocked. If you ignore a minor problem in your drain, it will only get worse later. You can avail the benefits of choked stormwater drains plumber through various online sources.

One of the causes of clogged drains is the buildup of hair. The bristles collect in the tube and are interwoven to prevent clogging by dirt, matter and grease. Wastewater cannot flow smoothly into the pipes that enter the main plant. You can prevent hair from clogging by setting a trap that will catch the hair and prevent it from flowing into the drain system.

After using utensils, dishes, kitchen utensils, and more, clean everything in the sink to remove any debris. Solid waste, grease and food residue should be disposed of in the trash to ensure proper waste disposal and to avoid clogging of pipes.

Small items most often cause sink and drain blockages, while napkins are prone to toilet problems. Consult a qualified professional to repair and unblock your plumbing.

Soap can cause clogged drains. When soap mixes with water, it forms a solid residue. You can see dry soapy dirt in your sink, tub, and bathroom. When this sludge builds up in your drain, it clogs.