What Causes Bed Bugs?

When people ask what causes bed bugs, they are actually talking about what causes bed bug infestations. Bed bugs live on human blood. Bed bugs can stay in the upholstered chair and near the beds and mattresses where people usually stay for at least a few hours.

Bed bugs are like places that are crowded with people, but cleanliness has nothing to do with where they live. They can get into your house on your dog or cat too. You can also know what causes bed bugs at home and how to get rid of them by searching online.

Bed Bug Pictures of the 7 stages of the Bed Bug Life Cycle

If you notice a few prickly spots on your skin one morning, it's easy to think that something has bitten you while you were asleep. If you wake up every morning with more and more of these red, sore bites, you most likely have bed bugs.

Take a look at your sheets, mattress, and box springs, and when you see this bunch of evil creatures, it might be time to get the exterminators in.

There's no harm if you want to try to treat the bed yourself. Wash your sheets and pillows and add a little borax to the water. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a small flat top, slowly move your entire mattress, including the bottom – that way, you may need help lifting it out of bed.  

Clean all the boards and carpet behind the bed. If you have a steamer that you use to press clothes, turn it on and run the entire mattress and carpet under the bed with it.

So what causes bed bugs? Nothing truly, but it's best to be cautious.