What Does Construction Project Management (CPM) Mean?

The construction project manager must acquire a wide range of skills and competencies in order to move through the project and build functional relationships with multiple teams. 

Construction projects always need change and in this sense project management is the key to the stability of the whole process. In this article, we will try to guide you through the main concepts and principles involved in managing a construction project management.

 construction project management

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What is construction project management (CPM)?

Construction project management can be defined as the direction, arrangement, and supervision of a project from initial development to completion. 

The ultimate goal of construction project management is to fully meet the client's requirements for a viable project, both in terms of functionality and budget. There are various kinds of construction projects such as commercial, residential, industrial, and civil heavy.

Construction project management: the main function of construction management is usually extended to include many different functions. The most important of these can be summarized as follows:

1. Specification of project objectives and plans, including outline drawings, planning, budgeting, making decisions about achievement requirements, and selecting project participants.

2. Increase resource efficiency by obtaining labor and equipment.

3. Carry out various operations through legal coordination and procurement management, planning, evaluation, planning, and construction throughout the process.

4. Development of effective solid communication between agents to resolve possible conflicts.