Why It Is Important In Melbourne To Consult Will And Estate Lawyers

Many young couples choose to delay their weddings or postpone them until they are older. Instead, they prefer to live together in legal relationships. While getting married is the best way to get the legal benefits of marriage, it is not always possible for all couples, especially in cases where the partners are of the same gender.

It is advisable for these couples to consult a wills-and-estates lawyer. They will be able to help them structure their estate so that both of them benefit in the same way as if they were married.If you are looking for wills and estate lawyers in Melbourne visit White & Mason lawyers  for better advice.

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The lawyer will talk with you about the legal consequences of living in a legal relationship:

  • A divorce is when a couple separates and each spouse gets 50% of the assets acquired during the marriage. The court will give 100% ownership to the de facto spouse if they separate.

  • A legal relationship in which one of the parties is the breadwinner and the other is the homemaker will often result in the court awarding all assets to the breadwinner, who has financially supported the household.

  • A legal relationship is one in which both the spouse and the partner dies. Anything not specifically mentioned in their will goes to their next-of-kin. People are often forced from their homes by the relatives of their deceased partner.

A wills and estates lawyer can help a couple who is in a legal relationship avoid many of these problems. Lawyers will usually draft legally binding documents to outline the couple's living arrangements. They will also ensure that all assets acquired during the relationship are shared.