Workplace Health And Safety Requirements For Businesses In Calgary

The primary responsibility of an employer is to properly train its employees and all workplace visitors, including contractors, and to assess all possible hazards and risks. You can ensure that the health and safety advising in Calgary helps their employees and others (customers, contractors, etc.) investigating the workplace are exposed to as few health and safety risks as possible.

Additional obligations imposed on employers under WHS are:

1. Manage or control the workplace

2. Manage or control furniture, equipment or installations in the workplace 

3. Design, manufacture, import or delivery of systems, materials or construction for use in or as a workplace Installation, construction or commissioning of systems or structures to be used on or as workstations.

Employers are advised to do the following to ensure the health and safety of their company:

1. Identify all hazards and risks that occur in the company.

2. Consultation with staff and contractors as well as community members.

3. Get legal advice on laws, regulations and codes of conduct to help align your business to comply with federal and state workplace health and safety laws, depending on where you live.

4. Create a safety management system that meets industry standards and fits your business.

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