Familiarize Yourself with Beds and How To Use Them

A captain bed is also known as a double bed. This was the standard size mattress for couples until the early 1900s. Then couples prefer at least a queen bed or, even better, a king bed for maximum comfort. You can now also look for a full-size stairwell loft bed with storage to save space. 

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The double standard measures 53 cm wide and 75 cm long. It's actually not twice as wide as the standard single as many people think. Therefore, a double mattress is not ideal for couples, but it is definitely comfortable for adults. 

Especially for those who have the habit of being crucified or thrown while sleeping, the twin would be ideal. Some parents skip the single bed and immediately opt for permanent double beds for their younger children when their kids have bigger rooms. 

This gives them space to read bedtime fairy tales with their children or to cuddle in winter. With ample space, children can choose the toys and dolls they want on their bed. A friend who wants to sleep also lives here.

A large bed is recommended for apartments with small rooms. Not only can it safely enter a room, but it is also easier to navigate in narrow corridors and doors, at the top of stairs, and around narrow corners. 

Of course, when it comes to changing mattresses it is affordable than queens or kings. In addition, sheets, pillowcases and blankets are also affordable than larger beds.