How To Build Your Resilience

Life may not come with cards, but everyone will experience twists and turns, from everyday challenges to traumatic events with more lasting effects, such as the death of a loved one, life changes, or a serious illness. 

Each change affects people differently and brings with it a unique school of thought, strong emotions, and insecurities. However, people tend to adapt to life-changing and stressful situations from time to time – partly because of their resilience. You can also check for the best resilience training in Adelaide if you want yourself to be resilient.

Want a More Resilient Team

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Psychologists define resilience as the process of adapting well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress – such as family and relationships, serious health problems, or stress at work and finances. 

Although resilience involves "recovering" from these difficult experiences, it can also involve deep personal growth.

While these side effects, like churning river water, are certainly painful and difficult, they should not determine the outcome of your life. There are many aspects of your life that you can control, change, and grow. This is a sustainability task. 

Being more resilient not only helps you overcome difficult circumstances but also gives you the opportunity to grow and even improve your life along the way.

For many, using their own resources and the types of strategies listed above is enough to build their sustainability. But sometimes you can get stuck or have difficulty moving forward on the path to sustainability.