Smart Design Choices For Self-Published Books

If you are a writer who has your own publishing, you definitely don't want your book to look at your own publication! The books published by themselves poorly designed can deliver a lack of substances that often have nothing to do with the values of words and author ideas. 

Smart design options can make a difference between selling books and one sitting on the shelf or in the garage of the author. You can create your self-publishing book via

Can My Traditionally-Published Book Be Self-Published on

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The four mistakes are most often made by the author who published themselves when designing their books can be found in the book:

  • Font
  • Cover design
  • Page layout
  • Paper stock

Choosing the best font for your book is more complicated than it looks. Fonts convey feelings; Two fonts that look similar can actually communicate two different moods. Times Roman feels serious and straightforward, while Bembo expresses feeling lighter and wiser. Some fonts have a thinner line, which allows reading more relaxed.

Others, with thicker lines, deliver solidity and firmness. This is an important consideration when juxtaposed with the tone and substance of the author's voice.

The cover of the book is the first contact point for consumers. Inappropriate cover images can be misleading and deadly to book buyers when they do not accurately represent book content. Bad photography and poor image options cause books to look unprofessional.

Often, it can be worth the cost of hiring a professional designer to make a dynamic cover to attract attention and more profitable your book market.

When a reader opened a book and saw a large block of small black types, they could feel tired before they started reading. An important white room for readability. With the right margin, it is possible to breathe and rest for the eye, making books easier to read and provide a more elegant appearance.