Ultimate Paint Protection With 2k Clear Coat in NZ

Nowadays, the most advanced paint protection technology suggests the use of a clear ceramic coat such as 2k clear coat in NZ offering better resistance to damage caused by elements and an optimal level of protection for paint. It is a permanent shield for all kinds of factory paint. You can apply it to exterior metal, hard plastic, and glass surfaces, too.

Similar to the other commercial products, this one has no resemblance to wax or sealant. Instead, it has similarities with clear factory-type coats. A single layer of the 2k clear coat has an approximate measurement of 2.25 u of thickness. You can also browse https://panelstore.co.nz/collections/clearcoat to get more information about 2k clear coats in NZ.

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Other sealants on the market cannot stand up to chemical contact and even water during washing. Those looking for more effective protection against scratches, mars, and chemical damage need to consider a different option with superior release properties that are only available through ceramic coats.

If you are looking for better protection against scratches, mar, and chemical resistance have to look elsewhere for superior release properties only available in ceramic coats. It is permanent paint protection for the latest factory paints. It can also be used to protect hard plastic as well as metal surfaces. You can even search online for more information about 2k clear coats in NZ.