Window Terminology To Consider When Replacing Your Windows

The process of buying new windows is a daunting task since they are available in many different designs. But, there are four main types made from Aluminum, Vinyl, and Fiberglass or Wood. Each one has its distinct quality that could be either good or bad based on your house and its area.

Windows made of aluminum are constructed of aluminum, an extremely durable metal. They generally have the thinnest profile when compared to vinyl or wood. They tend to be the cheapest of window replacement styles, but are often the most robust.

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Vinyl windows have become popular as they can provide the most value for money. They're strong and accessible in all sizes and shapes.

There are other key terms to know when you are looking to replace your windows.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

The SHGC determines how much solar energy is received or transmitted through windows. SHGC is calculated on a scale ranging from zero and one. The lower the window's solar gain factor, the lower the solar heat it can transmit. This is the most crucial element to consider when choosing windows in the desert-like Phoenix. If you're looking for a window, you should select one with an SHGC below or equivalent to 0.30

Visible Transmittance (VT)

The VT property is an optical one that measures how much visible light is transmitted through windows. It is a complete window rating, and it is a reflection of the frame that doesn't transmit any visible light. The more powerful the VT the more light is being transmitted.