All About Essential Barware

Anyone who enjoys partaking in delicious cocktail beverages knows there are certain items one must own to recreate the drinks. We're not just talking about a bottle of vodka or rum, every home bar needs a number of barware essentials.

Sure you can concoct a cocktail shaker out of two glasses, but it's less than impressive and somewhat messy. Barware doesn't just include glasses, it also refers to the tools and accessories you will need to have your own mini bar at home.

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Before we discuss glassware, you need the proper equipment to create that perfect drink. The most important piece of barware to own is, of course, the cocktail shaker. Most are made out of stainless steel, feature a built-in strainer, and have a jigger cap that doubles as a measuring device.

If the cocktail shaker doesn't come with a strainer, then you can purchase one separately. The strainer will separate the ice and other solid ingredients from the drink. A bar spoon is easier to use than a regular one because it has a longer handle. It makes it easier to stir and layer drinks. Any Mojito fan will need a muddler which is a thick wooden or metal stick used to crush ingredients.

Some little items to make life easier include a bottle pourer, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew. Corkscrews are cheap and easy to use, but there is a variety of fancy electric and battery-operated wine openers. A small cutting board is perfect for slicing garnishes and you'll want a pairing knife to go along with it.