Tips for Making India Business Visa Process Easier

In the last few months, the process associated with obtaining a business visa of India has turned out to be very much simpler and more flexible. If you want to start a business in India, you have to have an Indian business visa. You can navigate to to know how to get a business visa in a simple and easy way.

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In order to make sure you obtain the business visa for visiting India in an easier way, you need to follow certain tips in this regard. Some of the India business visa tips are:

  • First of all, you need to focus on the validity of the passport you have. In order to apply for Indian business visa, your passport still has a validity of at least 6 months. The date of validity, in this case, would be considered from the date of journey. For this reason, be very sure about the dates.
  • When filling the application form of Indian business visa, it would be better if you make use of blank ink pen, rather than blue. Making use of ball point pen is better rather than a gel pen.
  • The size of the photograph used in the application form should be of 45 mm x 35 mm. You need to make sure the photo has been taken against a plain white background.
  • In your passport, there has to be at least one clean page, which will be used for the insertion of the visa.
  • You need to make sure the physical condition of your passport is still good and legible. In case the plastic coating on the photo page is coming out, you may have to replace it.

So, those were some of the tips you can consider before and when applying for Indian business visa. In the present time, most of the candidates apply online when it comes to getting a visa.