Planning for Birthday Party

The first birthday party plans are essential for planning the first perfect birthday for your baby. With a well thought out plan, nothing will be neglected and the party you planned for your little darling will go out without hitch!

So what should be on a first birthday party plan? Here's a breakdown:

List of guests – Certainly the first place to start. Make sure no one is neglected. If you hope a little party, keep a list of guests to an immediate family and close friends. You can check out the birthday party planning packages at

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Theme – Decide if you want a theme for the party. This can influence your decisions when it comes time to choose invitations, supplies, decorations and cake.

Invitations – Once you have made the list of guests, you will know how many invitations you need. Try to send them from 4 to 6 weeks in advance to give your customers a sufficient warning. You may want to ask for a RSVP a week before the date of the party so you can plan food, supplies, etc.

Food – Write your menu. You may want to keep your baby in mind and throw one or two from their favorites in your menu plan. After all, it's their big day.

Decorations – Choose decorations. Banners, balloons, bubbles and high chair decoration kit are some ideas.