Components of Basic First Aid Training

Every workstation must have a first-aid system so that employees can use it comfortably if needed. Basically, the first aid courses in Kent consists of three components – a complete first aid kit, a first-aid certificate officer, and information open to everyone.

Components of Basic First Aid Training

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Complete first aid kit – In general, a low-risk work environment requires a minimum of items, such as a. booklet with general first aid instructions, eye pads, safety pins, disposable gloves and triangular bandages wrapped separately, wound pads, and bandages of various sizes. 

Emergency communications personnel assigned – It is necessary to take the role of emergency response if necessary in certain scenarios. In addition, an employee is in charge of guarding the first aid facility and providing emergency aid if first aid cannot respond. 

Employees must receive at least one introductory course leading to first aid certification. This person doesn't need any in-depth training, but it is best to have the company provide it. 

The power of information – It is recommended that records of all medical workers be made available to all workers in the workplace. This background should include important details such as previous or current illnesses, allergies, and workers' contact information for their doctors.

There should also be a record of all emergency lines from the hospital, local disaster relief team, fire department, and company doctors. All workers must understand the first aid regulations and the names of first-aid workers or assigned personnel should be visible to all.