Get The Best Gel Nail Polish Manicures

This new gel nail polish is a great alternative to regular polish. It has a long-lasting finish and is almost indestructible. Gel nail polish lasts for at most two days before it starts to chip. Regular nail polish can only last about two days. Gel nail polish will last up to three times as long. Most women report that their nails look great even after a week.

This is a big deal for women today, as they often don't have the luxury of being inactive to avoid ruining their manicures. Gel nail polish allows women to do almost anything, without worrying about having unsightly nails afterward. If you want to get the best gel nail manicure, then you can search the web.

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This gel nail polish has a long-lasting effect because it is applied to the nails using a UV lamp. The polish also drys quickly and sticks to the nail.

This is not a new idea. People have searched for the perfect solution to this perennial beauty problem for years. There were gel-type nail polishes in the past. One of these was the hard gel. However, it wasn't popular because it was difficult to remove and required nail filing which caused more damage to the nails than women would be willing or able to afford. 

The soak-off gel polish isn't as easy as regular manicures. It takes between 10 and 25 minutes to remove the polish completely in acetone-moistened cotton pads.

The gel polish can be applied in the same way as a regular manicure. Two coats are applied over the base coat. A fourth coat is added. After each layer is dry, the UV lamp heats the polish, making it almost indestructible. It is possible to apply the gel polish in a few minutes. A quick service that provides long-lasting nails is rare in this fast-paced world.