Inflatable Party Games For Teens

Planning a party with teens can be hard. Teenagers at this stage want to live with friends, but not have their parents watching or hovering. Teens may find it difficult to find activities beyond texting and instant messaging.

Inflatable party games offer the ideal solution. Inflatable party games are a great way for friends to compete in activities like boxing, jousting, and racing on a Zipline.

There are many kinds of inflatable games. Many inflatable manufacturers make bungee runs and jousting pads. Jousting is the most well-known inflatable game. You can also search for various ‘inflatables for events’ ( also known as ‘hinchables para eventos’ in the Spanish language) via various sites.

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Inflatable jousting is where two people step on each other's inflated platforms and fight it out with padded sticks. It is the exact same jousting that you see on TV. Your child will not be jousted by a huge gladiator on the other side.

The most popular inflatable game is the bungee run. It allows teens to race each other and is extremely simple. The teens simply have to put on bungee vests, and then grab a Velcro marker.

They can then run to the goal at each end of a bungee course in order to beat their opponents. This inflatable game is suitable for all ages. Inflatable games are a classic. These games are perfect for your next teenage party.